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  1. Altain says:

    Heya is there any position open for jp-en translator?

  2. Jared says:

    Hey, I’m always happy to help out with proofreading if you need it. I don’t know if you have any tests or whatnot, but send me an email if you ever need me.

    (I’ll forewarn you that I only check it every 2-3 days.)

  3. Unnamed says:

    Are you going to translate all the Big Order chapters that will come out? It’s not in the Active Projects tab.

    • DKThias says:

      As of now, the plans are that we’ll continue to scanlate big order, still looking for an MQ-HQ raw provider of the series though, as RP-san said he wouldn’t be scanning it next time.

      But otherwise, we’ll figure something out with share raws.

  4. Sako says:

    Well, I wish you good luck and I’ll visit you here for your new releases.

  5. MichikoSan says:

    I am from Russian scanlate team “Strange detachment”. As you also know, we use your scans and translation from our work. But for a long time your team didn’t released new chapters for project “Inugamihime no snimobe”. We concerned about it. I hope, this project don’t stopped and active? Sorry for my mistakes and this rude message.
    With best wishes, your Russian colleague, MichikoSan.

    • DKThias says:

      Hello MichikoSan.

      I wanted to have release Inugami before leaving on my holiday, but to no avail, since there were no proofreader who could proof it. It will be released shortly.


  6. SirOrange says:

    I recently wanted to be a cleaner and I was wondering if I can join your guy’s group. I do not know how to clean, but I do have a year’s worth of experience in Photoshop. Thanks for your consideration!


  7. Where’s my staff as PR 😡

  8. Adam says:

    I saw one of your ads in To LOVE-Ru Darkness, and it mentioned you were looking for typesetters and were training. If you want to train me and hire me just E-mail me.

    • DKThias says:

      Hello Adam,

      For now I am too consumed into my studying that I sadly don’t have time to train anyone in anything, it’s hard enough to keep up with scanlation as a whole. But if I, in the future, will get more time, and we still need a typesetter, I will contact you.


  9. MrHome says:

    Are you currently recruiting new home? :p

  10. silentsnow says:

    Hi! Are you in need of proofreaders?
    I don’t have any experience in proofreading manga, but I would gladly lend you a hand.
    I have currently taken up a college major in literature. So I was thinking, maybe proofreading some manga would help me with my studies. Although, I cannot assure you that I would be active all the time.

    • DKThias says:

      Hello, silentsnow!

      Sadly we’re not in need of any proofreaders at the moment, sorry.
      Good luck with your studies.


      • silentsnow says:

        Thanks for replying.

        Do you know any group who might be in need of proofreaders?
        A group who accepts inexperience volunteers like me.
        In reply, you can just send me a message at my email
        I really want to help in updating mangas and to have some experience in doing such thing.

        If ever the time comes that you’re in need of proofreaders, you’re free to send me a message anytime.
        I’ll be glad to help.

  11. Isaiah says:

    If you need any help with Japanese to English Translating I might be of use

    • DKThias says:

      Hello Isaiah,

      if your offer is still up (sorry I didn’t see your comment till now), we would appreciate a translator for Saipu, since I’m becoming way too busy with my studies to keep up tl’ing/cleaning and ts’ing it myself. You can use the contact formula which is found here, if you’re still interested:


  12. Mitsuru-kun says:

    *slaps DKThias around a bit with a large trout*

  13. Halley says:

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  14. Kevin says:

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  15. Ao says:

    Hey guys! Are they interested in a new project? Pick up Rikudo please, I can help them with cleaning or typesetting!

  16. animefanrk2k says:

    Hello DK Thias-san,

    It’s been awhile. I’ve fallen behind on my Merry readings as of recent years, it feels like. And since RedHawk is gone, I see you’ve taken over Hayate no Gotoku. (That was the manga series that first brought me here. xD)

    Anyway, just wanted to stop in, say “hi”, and express my gratitude that things are going by and by here.


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