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Cyclops Shoujo Saipu Chapter 28 Released!

Hello! Time for a new chapter! With this release, I’ll have to announce that we will be dropping the series “Living Dead” as there simply were no interest from any translator to pick it up. I’ve also updated the team … Continue reading

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Yumekui Merry Chapter 45 Released!

Another merry chapter, semi-fresh, but still great! Sorry for the delay, but Real life first got Avatar of Dreams to be delayed with his translation, and afterwards Maki had been quite busy with his life, hope you don’t mind! Sadly … Continue reading

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Living Dead Chapter 7 Released!

Chapter 7 here we come! To Loveるis delayed due to the typesetter is busy right now. Saipu will come later this week or early next week. Download – Megaupload or Mediafire ~Enjoy Thias

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Living Dead Chapter 6 Released!

It’s been a very long time since we’ve released anything Living Dead related, but here it is! There are raws of volume 1, which contains chapters 1-14 and an omake. We won’t be redoing the earlier chapters, but will instead … Continue reading

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Living Dead Chapter 5 and Hayate no Gotoku Movie Trailer English subs Released!

Long time since I’ve released a chapter of this series. So here it comes. Alongside this chapter comes the subbed trailer of hayate no gotoku. Not good at video-editing, but I think I did a fairly good job. Living dead … Continue reading

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Mass release before departure

Welcome to this post; Due to delays Hayate are not included in this post, since there’s not a translate for it as of this posting. That means I won’t be able to do Hayate 325 and 326 before going on … Continue reading

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Living Dead Chapter 1-2v2 & 3 Released!

Interested in joining the DKThias Scanlation team? Check the first post of this blog: Linky While waiting for the hayate TL, I managed to get the reworked script. Remade Living Dead chapters 1-2: Mediafire or Megaupload Living Dead Chapter 3: … Continue reading

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