Cyclops Shoujo Saipu Chapter 37 Released

33987186So here we are again. My exams are over and I had time to do this. Inugami c5 will follow soon, but Merry is still delayed due to the lack of translation.

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~Thias & Co.

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9 Responses to Cyclops Shoujo Saipu Chapter 37 Released

  1. x says:

    Thank you :D!

  2. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  3. JukanX says:

    Many thanks for the release.

  4. MZeroX says:

    so much yesssssssssssssssss~

  5. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  6. Bandages says:

    Thanks for the release.

    I can’t seem to read it on the reader, it just goes to the chapter list, even if I click the link for ch. 37 in the reader.

    • DKThias says:


      In my releaseconfusion, it seems I forgot to actually upload the chapter to the reader. It’s now done, and you can read it~


  7. Ddustz says:

    Guys, what happened? More than one month without new release.. 🙁
    Need more Saipu~

    • DKThias says:

      Exams have struck and the translator required time to focus on his studies. Hopefully we can see more soon.

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