Cyclops Shoujo Saipu Ep01!

Ahemmm! Hear ye, hear ye!

Time to enjoy our first episode of Cyclops Shoujo Saipu, or should I say, “Cypu.” As the mangaka writes it as.

This first episode is brought to you by:
Translator: tiRAWRmisu
Proofreader: tiRAWRmisu (I know, tl and pr are the same person… >.>)
Timer: Shana-Chama
Putting together the mkv for the first time (and having so much problems): tiRAWRmisu
QC: DKThias & tiRAWRmisu

Link here!
Trigger to be uploaded later!


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8 Responses to Cyclops Shoujo Saipu Ep01!

  1. bigstew says:

    didnt know this was going to be an anime since there wasnt a mention on chartfags, would love to see a torrent of this on nyaa to follow.

    • MZeroX says:

      it’s not even 23 mbs, making a torrent is pretty pointless.

      on that note, thanks for the release!
      hope it continues, lol.

      • DKThias says:

        There will be at least 3 episodes of the anime. Next one is out next week.

        About the torrent part: I do not have any bot or any similar thing to even begin uploading a torrent for nyaa, but if someone else wants to, they will be welcome.


  2. DGreatUnknown says:

    Is it supposed to cut off in the middle of one of the “skits” @ 1:21?

  3. teima says:

    I think you can make a torrent, upload it to nyaa and lead people from there to your site or to the mediafire link by posting a note that you won’t seed it and that everyone should use the ddl. Alternatively you can ask them to seed your files for you I guess.
    As someone who usually only check to nyaa and tt see if there is anything new I almost overlooked this release.

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  5. Kemm says:

    Have yet to start reading this series, but I supposse the “Cypu” comes from “CYcloPs” and the fact that japanese need a following vowel in order to correctly pronounce a consonant.

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