Blog post #1 – Ahoy!

Ho everyone, it’s _Maki!

Blogposting isn’t really my cup of tea, but today, I finally received a long awaited package from Japan and I figured I should let you know, since it’s also regarding our readers.

I had this idea a whole while ago, but I was only now able to take the first step towards my goal. It started when I was browsing through, fantasizing about my idea. Looking through old Manga Time Kirara Magazines, I figured it was time to move. I told DKThias about it and he introduced me to an acquaintance of his, who might be able to help me. After talking to him for a while, I made a first decision, and the result of that is the package that is now lying in front of me.

What are its contents? Well, let me show you!

First off, looks like a book, doesn’t it? That was actually the second item I ordered, since it was just released these days and it’s part of my plans anyway, so why not get it as well? It also made for a good way to get my first order shipped, since that was a rather complicated matter. I’m living in Germany, shipping fees from Japan as the country of origin are quite high, depending on the total weight of the parcel, and getting my first order shipped the way it was would have  amounted to a higher shipping fee than I originally paid for the order.

Yes, I know, my cryptic way of talking around the issue is annoying, so let’s get going.

Isn’t it amazing?! I’m really sad that Germany didn’t get the idea of releasing this series here, yet. Come on, Tokyopop, Carlsen, anyone! 9 volumes and not a single hint. But that aside, this book is pretty neat. It’s my first tankoubon imported directly from Japan, and therefore also the first Merry volume that I own. To be honest, I was expecting it to be bigger, haha. But the print is really good, the screentones are, even thought they’re smaller, still very visible and not smudged, which is really important to me. It contains an awesome Taka/Herc color page, volume sketches and some gag pages. Honestly, the only complaint I ever had with tank volumes of any series is that they greyscale the magazine color pages. Thankfully(?), Merry hasn’t had color pages since chapter 28. Moving on!

What are the contents of this relatively slim package? It’s what I asked my helping hand in Japan to do after my first order completely arrived at his house. To save shipping costs.

Incidentally, when you buy new Merry volumes in Japan, you receive a little gift from the store you bought it at. Postcards, posters, stuff like that. In Japan, every shop has a different gift to offer for you, a relatively clever way to make otakus go and buy the same volume 6 different times to collect every gift there is. If I was living in Japan, I would have done just that.

It seems that this volume came with a folder of some sorts, at the store it was bought. Thias already received his copy earlier than I did, so I knew about that detail in advance. Who would have guessed, it was perfect for my needs!

Let’s get to the bone of the story, I’m pretty sure you are sleepy already, or skipped ahead to spoiler yourself, or maybe you don’t even read this sentence right here, but I’m going to thank you for the attention at the end anyway.

Can you guess the contents of the folder? It obviously has to be paper, pages, maybe postcards, whatever, just slim enough to fit in here. And that’s exactly what it is.



Yes and no. These are the cover pages of 4 out of 5 issues that I ordered in that first purchase I made. Just the cover pages. They have been carefully removed from the magazine they belong to. Why? To save shipping costs, obviously. Manga Time Kirara Forward is unbelieveably heavy, the reason being thick pages, which make for great printing quality. But why would anyone order these old ass magazines just for delicious Merry on the cover page? Yet alone since apparently, only 4 of the 5 issues mentioned above have a Merry on the cover!

The answer to that is simple, simply amazing, in my eyes. Crazy in the eyes of others: There is more!

Look at all them colors!

Yes, as you may have figured already, I ordered them for the very reason mentioned previously. These are the colorpages that have been greyscaled in the tankoubon releases, which were used for our first 34 chapters of this great series. Not all of them, though. I looked up the corresponding issues on and then asked my ally to place the orders accordingly, amounting to a good 67$.

Now, what do I plan on doing with all this?
Why, scan it of course! My dream, my idea is to release a “perfect” version of Yumekui Merry, for the English readers, as well as for the German fraction someday, to get the interest of the companies going. This project needs a lot of preparation, consistent raws, proofread and double-checked translations and many more headache inducing steps. Getting what will be unavailable in a small amount of time was one of the most important steps. These magazines won’t stay on the Internet stores forever, and with them gone, so will be the color pages. In fact, I am still one issue short of having collected all color pages that were greyscaled for the tank and I’m desperately looking for it all over the place.

For now however, I’m satisfied with what I got these days. The time will come for me to start working on my dreamy project, and hopefully, Thias, Link, Trip and everyone who helped us out over the months will be on board as well. Special thanks go to Braden from Mangashoten and his awesome proxy shop for placing and forwarding these orders for fair prices and to Thias for hooking us up. Also, words of appreciation to our custom office for not raping my wallet, even though I had to go pick up the package myself.
And lastly, thank you to all you readers who kept reading, or who went ahead and just checked the pretty pictures taken with my shitty camera. Look forward to some nice scans in the future, and hopefully, Merry 54 sometime this month. (;_;)

~_Maki and the crew

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9 Responses to Blog post #1 – Ahoy!

  1. Rachid says:

    Woah this looks awesome!!
    At least you get to buy whatever you want if you have the money to pay for it, I envy you dude, here where I live, you cannot get things shipped ’cause of crazy government politics about “importing” things, even though I’m financially able to do it, sigh,,,,,,, but that’s why you’re awesome guys, you make available for a large audience things that would have never been otherwise, ^bows in gratitude^, thank you so much for all your efforts.

    • _Maki says:

      To be honest, I’m spending much more money than I should be able to afford on Japanese merch right now. Buyfagging really is a slippery slope.
      I guess it’s my obsession with Merry that lets me do this with my consciousness at ease.

  2. Lambda says:

    You have no idea how jealous I am right now. I would probably kill a number of orphaned children to be able to own all of that delicious Merry ;_;

  3. angelerator says:

    oh my gooodddd you make me feel sick from jealousy. This project seems so amazing, I can’t wait for all this stuff getting scanned. Damn I want all that stuff!

  4. I Blue Things. says:

    I await the colored Isana scans with great anticipation.

  5. Read the whole thing. I’m on board!

  6. Fuko Ibuki says:

    Please, for the love of Merry, scan all of those!

  7. ShadowfoxEX says:

    Tokyopop’s been defunct for several months now. 2 years even. Congrats though

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