Yumekui Merry Chapter 47 Released!

It’s time again!!

Finally we’re back with a new chapter of our beloved Merry.

“So, what have happened this time to have you this delayed?” you might ask. The thing is, we have a very sad announcement to make:

Our longtime translator of Yumekui Merry, Avatar of Dreams, has stepped down from his translating role, since he has become too busy with real life.

I’ve had to ask for some help with Merry, and Triplicate stepped in, and saved our continuation of this series with his translation. Thank him, when reading this chapter, and wish Avatar of Dreams a good time, for all that merry he have been translating !

In other news: Inugamihime no Shimobe is almost done, but I’ve been busy with something (read: Diablo 3). Expect it soon.

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Thias & Co.

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10 Responses to Yumekui Merry Chapter 47 Released!

  1. MZeroX says:

    Thanks for your all of your past work, Avatar of Dreams~
    Thanks for picking up the position, Triplicate~

    Enjoying these releases immensely.

  2. Martin says:

    Awesome work, thanks for the release.

  3. auriga says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  4. Sako says:

    Thanks for this release and a special thanks for Avatar of Dreams for the hard work.

  5. animefanrk2k says:

    Avatar of Dreams… you’ll be missed~

    On another note, I need some Diablo 3 so that I have an excuse for being late. “Work” is just not a funny way to say “whoops!”. XD

  6. Syaoran says:

    Is Triplicate gonna be picking up translation from this chapter onward or did he just drop you a favor due to the sudden lack of translator?

    Also a large thanks to AvatarofDreams for his hardwork on this series, hope his future endevors go well.

    • DKThias says:

      Triplicate agreed to translate chapter 47 and chapter 48 for us, but after that we aren’t sure about the future of it. I’ll be including a “looking for tl’er”-recruitpage in the next chapter release.


      • Fuko_Ibuki says:

        Umm, I hope that he will like the series so much, that he will translate more of it. (Also the Kagefumi Merry) 😉

        Thanks a lot, guys. You’re great! Keep it up!

  7. Jordan says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Page 17, the lower right corner seems to have a repeated line

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