Inugamihime no Shimobe Chapter 1 Released!

Here we are, a new series, translated by paramitan!

The colour page spread really took some time to get down, but it looks neat and pretty.

Here’s a little about the series: “Inudzuka Taromaru is a first year high school student who looks like a delinquent. One evening, while he’s at his part-time job, he ends up with a white-feathered arrow through his head! He’s told that this arrow means he has been chosen as the sacrifice for “Inugami-Hime,” who lives on top of the nearby mountain. However, this mysterious “Inugami-Hime” turns out to be a cute girl who has chosen him to be her servant, not her sacrifice. Their life together is just beginning!”

This haven’t delayed Yumekui Merry in any way, since we haven’t got a tl yet ;__; We’ll get it out as soon as it’s translated.

Links: Mediafire | Read Online | IRC: /MSG NagisaFurukawa XDCC SEND 464


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  1. bonbon says:

    yay thanks guy for new manga

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