ToLoveる ~Darkness~ Chapter 15 Released!

So here it is~

TLRD received a huge delay from our side this month, but finally we’re able to bring it out! One of the primary reasons for this was both X_X and I having trouble getting good results out of the JCafe Raws. Page 29 was a nightmare, so we had to wait for share raws to pop up. At this time Merlinus was busy with other projects, so we had to wait for every piece of the puzzle to fall into their right place.

Next month won’t be as much delayed as this, we promise!

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7 Responses to ToLoveる ~Darkness~ Chapter 15 Released!

  1. Non-Sequitur says:

    Thanks for the release, but more importantly the image sauce plz.

  2. X_X says:

    Yeah, it was a sudden that I had a fight with a monster subject in Uni, so I just only did some fast food for this chapter. But things have been getting better now.

  3. MZeroX says:

    thanks for the release~

  4. KusuhaMizuha says:

    @DKThias wanna do join project?

    i’m planing make from Tankōbon version

    let cxc do monthly magazine

  5. yoh says:

    thank you i really love this series it is alot better than the orginal please keep up the good work on this series and please keep them coming thanyou

  6. yoh says:

    are there any more chaps coming out soon because this is a really great series one of my favs so far please dont chew out my ass i just want to know if anymnore chaps are ncoming outr

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