ToLOVEる ~Darkness~ Chapter 14.5 (SQ. LAB Special) Released!

This chapter was delayed roughly 7 hours, since I had to go to a birthday. Sorry for the wait.

The colorpage looks so nice, can’t wait for Yabuki to release the color pictures in an artbook~

With this, I can go back to writing an exam report. Enjoy~

Download: Mediafire or Megaupload


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5 Responses to ToLOVEる ~Darkness~ Chapter 14.5 (SQ. LAB Special) Released!

  1. MZeroX says:

    thanks for the release~

  2. TimesTicking says:

    thanks for the release XD

  3. TardisGuy says:

    Thanks 4 d chap 🙂

    N if u haven’t watched it, ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ has been subbed by Commie

    • DKThias says:

      I’m going to watch it when I’m done with my finals~ Can’t wait. (But I’m going to rewatch it after the blu-ray release as well – Quality matters :D)

  4. MaJor MuCuS says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Just curious will you be redoing the early chapters using the volume scans. I’d love it if you could.

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