The reason behind the release of ToLOVEる ~Darkness~


I’ve been getting some questions why I decided to pick up To LOVEる ~Darkness~, so I think I need to clarify some things about the project.

The primary reason being that I didn’t find the quality of the releases CXC was releasing to be good enough. Should be easy to tell, if you take a look at the raw and compared it to their release. I don’t mean to disrespect CXC Scanlations, but after CXC released Chapter 13.5, and I finally took the time to compare all the releases to the equivalent raw from share for each chapter (I checked with my tankobons I have at home as well), I found CXC’s quality not to be good enough. It’s rushed, redraws are partly done (check page 7, 8, 11, 17, 18 of chapter 14), showing clear signs that it’s rushed, and not quality checked. All of the pages show clear signs of overleveling, and especially page 14 of CXC’s release, compared to my page, and the raw, looks so overleveled.
It also seems as there are unburned spots in CXC’s cleaned pages, and white spots as well. Looks strange to my cleaner eyes. I won’t analyse the cleans further here, since it’ll take too much of the spot for the rest of this post.

I respect CXC for doing To LOVEる ~Darkness~ for so long, and I don’t mind them continuing, I read their releases of To LOVEる ~Darkness~ (not counting the two first chapters, since I read the ones RedHawk released) from chapter 3. But honestly quality should always be preferred over speed. I could rush any chapter if I wanted, but it would only hurt my intentions as a cleaner, and the release for you, the readers.

The reason why the release came without no prior statement saying: “I’m picking To LOVEる ~Darkness~ up, starting from chapter 14”, is because it just happened. I got the script from Finestela thinking: “I can’t clean this faster than CXC”, but my proofreader and typesetter proved me wrong. We got it powered through the system of scanlation, and out came the result, shiny and in a new kind of light, a surprise for everyone.

Hopefully this has shed some light behind the thoughts the staff and I had before releasing this chapter. If not, you’re welcome to ask me in the comment section below, and I’ll answer in a timely fashion (I had too much stuff going on this weekend, hence I hadn’t been able to answer the questions in the comments section).


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27 Responses to The reason behind the release of ToLOVEる ~Darkness~

  1. TimesTicking says:

    Seems like I was right that lately that CXC has been slacking on cleaning.
    I’m looking forward TLRD from your releases now. Also I like your translation better 😀

  2. Syaoran says:

    Nice to see ya pick up this series, I look foward to your future releases.

  3. maktak says:

    Wow! I’ve got a bad eye for these things, but I’m so glad to hear that you’re as committed to quality as ever. While I agree with some others that this could make CXC a bit uneasy, I don’t think friendly competition (I mean, it’s not like the Mangafox drama) ever hurt anybody. Go go Thias! Let the haters hate. =D

  4. Lol says:

    just wait and see.

    btw you wrote “coudl” its “could”

  5. 4seiken says:

    Well, I did say I wasn’t gonna bitch about your decision… Nice to see an explanation. All is well in the world once more (unless some drama pops up)

  6. c0_oL says:

    You don’t have raw provider for that?
    I thought red hawk will get you that too right?

  7. Hidden Detective says:

    and that’s why I enjoyed working with you before… A release is certain to be top-notch when every staff on every part puts much effort on quality…

    • TardisGuy says:

      hey u currently workin on any series? If not den any possibility of translatin Hayate no Gotoku no Mae… (if u are, then is there any possibility of tranlatin it anyways?)

  8. blacksalena says:

    Quality above all else, we’re more or less on the same side I see =D

  9. animefanrk2k says:

    If proofreads speak to your fancy, then proofreading you’ll get~

  10. Rue says:

    Interesting, it’s been known for a while that CxC is lacking a bit in the Cleaning department so this isn’t much of a surprise. The lack of public notice was however.

    Also to all the people from the previous release posts saying “WHY WASTE TIME TRANSLATING THIS!?” Finestela has been translating this ever since the first chapter, she translates it into Chinese as well as English and posts her scripts publicly on Mangahelpers. She continued translating the series even after her group dropped it.

    As leechers we have no right to complain about Thias’ actions, leave it for CxC.

  11. MZeroX says:

    So basically you’re starting to build a monopoly on all of my favorite series. You’re awesome.

    • DKThias says:

      If I started doing that, I would be overworked every time there’s a new release, since I don’t have time to do all of those series.

  12. TardisGuy says:

    nice to see u picking up another manga i read!!
    Tnks 4 d great quality as always…

    however, speakin of new series’ , any idea if anyone is workin on Hayate no Gotoku no Mae??

  13. anon9 says:

    “But honestly quality should always be preferred over speed.”

    I hope I don’t sound ungrateful, but in this case, wouldn’t it be better just to scanlate from the next tank when it comes out? Then again, maybe I’m just worried since some TLR chapters haven’t be cleaned/typeset’d/etc. to tank raws (unless there’s a physical english release out there that I haven’t heard about).

  14. priszero says:

    just do a joint project, then..

  15. ._. says:

    And your quality isn’t even much better. It is slightly better, on the cleaning part. They rush it because they want to release first, which is unfortunate indeed. But this honestly isn’t much better- So there’s no need to drag them down this much. Their translation is also better, Finestela is fine but CmertB is much better. Ah well, as long as you enjoy doing it I guess ;).

  16. IMNC says:

    QC? Do you? Case and point: Yumekui Merry volume 2, chapter 11, page 30. The second bubble has the text from the third bubble superimposed on the text from the second bubble.

    • DKThias says:

      One is never perfect, everything can always be improved. I acknowledge that I wasn’t as quality-minded as I am now back then, but a mistake is a mistake. One will always be improving.

  17. KusuhaMizuha says:

    @DKThias wanna do join project?

    i’m planing make from Tankōbon version

    let cxc do monthly magazine

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