Big Order Chapter 1 Released!

Finally, we got around to release this!

It have been quite delayed, due to exams of Heidenrex, but finally we released it.

Thanks to Finestela for translating this, and Xylo for both proofreading and QC’ing it, Heidenrex for helping with cleaning and redrawing the color page spread!

Next chapter won’t be as much delayed as this one, I promise!

Download Big Order Chapter 1: Mediafire or Megaupload


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7 Responses to Big Order Chapter 1 Released!

  1. krish19oo says:

    Thank you very very much for the release and eagerly waiting for next release

  2. JammyDodger says:

    Thanks for the release. 😀

  3. WeeWangWang says:

    This looks interesting . Thanks for the release.

  4. TimesTicking says:

    very interesting chapter.
    lets hope its good the next chapter XD

  5. hbismis says:

    its very interesting manga
    do u know when chp 2 raw rlease date

    • DKThias says:

      It should be released 26/10-11, although I’m not 100% sure about it. Raw release should be soon, if Japan wants it, otherwise I’ll have to buy the magazine, but I don’t really have the funds to it right now (this will be quite an expensive month, so don’t count on it).

  6. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

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