Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 326-328 Released!

Promo Pic for chapter 328. Chapter 326 & 327's promo pics are included in the chapters zip file.

Okay, I got back Sunday, a few days before schedule. Why didn’t the chapters get released around that then?

Well, I had a LOT of documents I had to read and respond to when I came home. Included in this was a trip to our summer house, only two days, but oh well.

Living Dead chapter 5-7 should be expected somewhere in the near future. The team would still like to recruit cleaners and typesetters. Just use the contact form, and I’ll respond.

Cyclops Shoujo Saipu~ have gotten two new chapters, so they should be out somewhere in August, depends on the workload of Living Dead.

I’m changing the donation purpose to that of just ordinary support; e.g. donate if you want to support the expenses that this website cost, the magazine subscription will cost. I’ll buy the magazines mostly regardless (depends on the economical situation in 7 months time or so). I’ll be buying volume 7 and 4koma vol 2 in august, so they should be in my hands late august.

The IRC-channel is also open for your views; check the text box to the side, or if you are too lazy, it’s DKThias@IRC.Rizon.Net. This link will delete the project status box, and will include deliverance updates and such.

I’m also happy to say that a new translator is ready to translate Living Dead and the Hayate Omakes coming with every volume that’s released. The name’s Suara.

Well, long awaited; here’s the download link:

Chapter 326-328: Mediafire or Megaupload

~Enjoy and comment, if needed below


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7 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 326-328 Released!

  1. Hidden Detective says:

    Nice… I was wondering where have you been over the last couple of days…

  2. Hina T says:

    Thanks for the releases..~ The promo pics are hilarious..~ nicely done..~

    • Hidden Detective says:

      thanks… I was trying hard for variety, creativity and hilarity… Wow, that’s a lot of “-ty” endings… 😛

  3. Hidden Detective says:

    seems that people are starting to forget this site after DK’s long break… Quick, everyone who’s here, help spread the word… XP

  4. TH says:

    Thanks for the chapters

  5. Naginata says:

    thanks and welcome back.

    im really late for checking the new updates here oTL.

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