Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 325 Released – Last release before my holiday

Here's the promo pic for 325. For reference here's the page referred to in this promo pic: http://www.gratisimage.dk/image-3C0A_4E0DAE9F.jpg

So I lied in my recent post, I had the time to complete 325 (HD just posted the script O_o).

Well here’s the download link; Enjoy as I will not be able to make any more (period) release before the 19th of July. (Refer to my earlier post).

Download chapter 325: Mediafire or Megaupload


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10 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 325 Released – Last release before my holiday

  1. Thunder_ says:

    Thank you for your hard work~ XD
    Can’t wait for the new development 😛

  2. gandalf8 says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    And funny rewrite of the last page too

  3. Hidden Detective says:

    thanks for getting it out before you have to go DK… But you gave the wrong page reference at the bottom of the pic; that is Sakuya at the end of ch 8 limited. Hayate’s bath accident with Izumi is in ch 4…
    Apologies for not able to get 326 out before you have to go too. But anyways, have fun over the two weeks, and get ready to rumble when you get back…

    • DKThias says:

      Oh my fault, were somewhat stressed about packing and stuff when releasing.

      • Hidden Detective says:

        that’s alright… And welcome back…
        And I have to apologize too. The compressed summer program in the UC Berkeley is tougher and more time-comsuming than expected; I just finished my second midterm today. I’m halfway through 327, will get it done today or tomorrow the latest, and 328 a few days after that. Strange that they haven’t release 328 yet, probably a delay in some part of their process this week…
        And are we still up for remaking older chapters starting on 163? Heard news that Hata is taking a break after 328 (looks like he really is tired, considering that he never took a break since he started serializing HnG every week), which would make the perfect opportunity for this…

        • DKThias says:

          I think you mean chapter 328 and 329 right? As you’ve already released the tl for 327 on mangahelpers.

          Just checked the raw of 329; It’s only 12 pages O_o, and it’ll continue in issue 35, which is released on 27th of july. So no break there.

        • DKThias says:

          If there’ll be a break, then I’m up for it, let’s crosscheck and see if Shibababa wanted to join in with us.

  4. EricGN says:

    WTF…Anyone notice that Izumi is soooo skinny?

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