Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 324 Released!

Something new, Hidden Detective came up with. Changing some of the panels of the pages. Hope you laugh!

Chapter 324 download: Mediafire or Megaupload



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48 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 324 Released!

  1. rawr says:


  2. Makoto Takahashi says:

    Wa ha ha Red Hawk! Who’s faster now, eh?

    Thank you as usual!

    • The Wind Fish says:

      I believe the phrase is “haste makes waste.”

      Or perhaps more applicable: “A job worth doing is a job worth doing well.”

      • Makoto Takahashi says:

        Well, I didn’t mean that anyone sacrificed quality for speed; it’s as good as ever. If anything it was just that Red Hawk was set back this week, as opposed to anyone here working too fast.

  3. gandalf8 says:

    Thanks for the chapter. And the extras are pure gold, especially the second one lol

  4. Hik/a/ says:

    i know this’ll happen. Great job guys become the fastest!

  5. Hidden Detective says:

    nice job DK, for getting it out so quickly after I’m done… And glad people are enjoying the promo pics… (:

  6. bg says:

    just wondering, is the negima x hayate just those two pics, or is there a full booklet?
    and if there is, will you be doing it?

  7. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  8. methos says:

    thanks for the speedy release as usual!

  9. Toxie says:

    Thx for the release πŸ™‚

  10. Hidden Detective says:

    ok, this is just sad now… I just checked a few mangareading sites, and the Red Hawk release ended up there once again even though we were faster this time, probably because nobody uploaded ours due to lack of people knowing about this new transferred site… -_-bb

    • Hidden Detective says:

      come on you guys, out of all of you who visits here, at least one of you is bound to be an uploader for an english mangareading site or know someone who does. Please inform yourself or him/her about DK’s site moving to this address… I just wish to at least share the promo pics with more readers… -_-

    • DKThias says:

      Such things are always hard in the “start” because I’ve moved, and I haven’t announced it anywhere except on my twitter.

      Let’s hope people slowly’ll find this site.

      • Hidden Detective says:

        oh yeah, and one more thing DK. I guess I won’t need to translate the news section on the top of all the title pages anymore if you don’t edit them in then… Actually makes things easier for me, since those are actually the hardest to translate…

        • DKThias says:

          Only if they don’t need major redraw when cleaning, I hate doing it, because they are mentioned every week. So you can skip them yes.

  11. Anon says:

    I thought Red Hawk was supposed to have a 24-hour policy on their releases.

    • Hidden Detective says:

      I don’t know about that… But it definitely haven’t been 24 hours since they released 324… Anyways, we just have to get more people to find this site…
      And if it’s you Anon, thanks for visiting… (:

  12. EricGN says:

    If you don’t mind, I compared your work to RHS. In your scanslation when Luca and Maria were talking, did Maria really described Hayate as a boy. I realized that both of them used “Him” and “He” (page 10) to described Hayate while in RHS they didn’t used it at all.

    I still think that you’re better than them though, their pages 15-16 was kinda half-assed translation but then again, I’m still learning Japanese.

    BTW, Thanks for the Release! πŸ˜€

    • Hidden Detective says:

      whoops, what I actually forgot is to add a t/n on the margin explaining that the pronouns for he/she/it are rather ambiguous in Japanese and Chinese, since some pronouns in Japanese can stand for all three, and the three sound exactly the same in Chinese… Of course, I could’ve also eliminated the pronouns completely like js06 did, but it just didn’t sound right… My translation principle has always been make the grammar and sentences flow smoothly while maintaining all the original meanings, and quality over rushing… Of course, when it comes to specific Japanese and other Asian cultural or historical terms and names, I’ll just stick with the original term and attach a note on the side…

      • EricGN says:

        Oh thanks for that. On the other side, I still don’t know why people are so hard to find this site. I mean, its so easy to locate and access this site in mangaupdates.

        • toradora says:

          not everyone is using mangaupdates. Most common folk read in leecher’s site. Not everyone is pretty knowledgeable in scanlating scene.

  13. Joji says:

    Finally found your site. ^^

  14. Haken says:

    Really good job DKThias, thanks to continue this, not like the 17 others teams since the 165 (I’m french, there are up to 164 in french).
    And Red Hawk is out, see their site for more news.
    Long life to Hayate no Gotoku !

  15. narengoku says:

    thank you for the chapter…

  16. Boo says:

    :] Yeah both RHS and you guys tried different approaches to deal with the ‘joke’ of this chapter, something I encourage!

  17. Sopokolyx says:

    So slow!!! When r u gonna rls 325? almost a week past! WTF guys…

    • DKThias says:

      To quote my Twitter: “Delays, delays everywhere. Sorry fokes. Sunday will see the releases of the Rocketpunch oneshot, Living Dead 4 and HnG 325 (if tl is done)”

      • Hidden Detective says:

        yep, got a lot happening around my household too… And packing a bunch of things to get ready to move… I’m working on it whenever there’s free time…

    • Hidden Detective says:

      seriously dude, nobody likes a impatient viewer who demands that we rush our volunteer work to provide free scanlations… In most more formal manga forums, staff members would delete any comments or threads like this one…

      • The Wind Fish says:

        Nobody’s being impatient – they’re all going to Red Hawk’s site for their faster, superior effort.

        • Hidden Detective says:

          we are not counting ourselves out on HnG yet just because Red Hawk decided to pick it up. This week just happened to be a very busy and difficult week at my home and household…

    • Boo says:

      Don’t complain! :[ That’s not very nice!

      Take your time guys ^_^ I appreciate your efforts!

  18. seton812E says:

    Sorry I haven’t been visiting your site;
    It’s because Red Hawk took the only reason why I have to. And since they’re doing TWGOK, Beel, Bakuman, Magico and Hayate now. All the more reason.
    So I believe most people would feel the same. How about doing a project that will get the people to come back? Something no speed group is doing and making you exclusive again (Like Hayate before RH starts doing it)
    But then again, it’s hard to find translators for particular series.

    • Hidden Detective says:

      well, RH is a really big group, while we here are just… Pretty much us… And DK/I is/am already editing/translating for several series, so I doubt there’ll be more anytime soon… But as mentioned above, this week was just a bad week… We’ll be on even ground for HnG again next week…

  19. TimesTicking says:

    I still visit the site πŸ˜€
    Just wondering though, but are you guys are still doing Yumekui Merry?

    • gandalf8 says:

      I believe they’re looking for RAWs of the next volume. Just look at the progress update on the right.

    • DKThias says:

      Yes – I discovered that Volume 7 will be released on august 11, so I’m going to contact Avatar of Dreams about it.

      Otherwise – the 4koma depends on Avatar of Dreams translations.

  20. Hidden Detective says:

    in case you guys were still wondering, DK was away for the weekend, and will be back tomorrow night. But after he gets back, we’ll release 325, 326 and Kami-sama ni Rocket Punch (an old oneshot by Hata)…

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